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Joe Lecrivain

A veteran of the Los Angeles music scene, Joe has performed all over L.A. and the southwest. His latest musical endeavor brings him to the Speaker Damage family armed with great songwriting skills, a voice like no other, and a trumpet (even though he's a guitar player).

Stefni Valencia

A performer since the age of 10, Stefni Valencia has made a name for herself just by virtue of her small frame and huge voice. She is an actress, aerial artist, and part time model, though most of all she considers herself a singer. Stefni is getting back into Latin music after a hiatus in which she fronted the Alt Rock outfit Fairlane. She's heading back into the studio for a release on Speaker Damage that will most certainly take Latin Rock to a new level.


Musician/Producer/Dj OAM is an established part of Los Angeles' EDM scene, having played at many of L.A.'s landmark venues. Having released Speaker Damage Records' inaugural release, "Never Thought...", he continues to release music as well as hosting his podcast, "Mixtures".